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The Future Breakup is a collaboration between Edward Rocha and Vince Schmit. The Future Breakup is a Podcast about breaking down what has led to your future. Breaking up with people, places, things, habits and all the other whatevers in order to move forward and be the best version of you. We will be interviewing people, interviewing ourselves, and sharing stories because everyone has a story. Check out our latest episodes on our website or anywhere you listen to your podcasts.

Episode 22: From Finance to Fashion to Home Decor (Davina/Wovn Home)

Ed and Vince got to have a discussion with Davina of Wovn Home (one of Ed’s friends from College).

Davina took us from her journey of Harvard to Finance to Fashion and now her own company, Wovn Home. She does NOT want to be referred to as a “Mompreneur” but yes, she started her own company and is living her passion.

Ed is making some calls to get her products to be featured on HGTV and Vince is taking notes based on his own fashion and decor stylings.

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5 Minute Meditation + Reflection


The 5 Minute Meditation + Reflection is TMG’s private podcast for clients who want to add more focus to their lives through coaching, meditation and reflection. The meditations are ideal for those who are busy, on the road, and limited in time. The first five minutes is the meditation, and the reflection is commentary and reflections on the day’s topic. Contact us for more information.


Meet The Host

Edward Rocha

Edward Rocha

Edward Rocha is a serial entrepreneur, and a founder of three companies. In 2020, Ed launched The Morning Goals, his third business, to help entrepreneurs, creatives, and the aspiring take their businesses, ideas, and side hustles to the next level.


This was fueled by his  passion for people, and his desire to help others reach their full potential. This passion also led Ed to co-found The Future Breakup, a podcast about breaking down what has led people to certain futures.  

Ed is married to his partner of 12 years, and has two crazy dogs.


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