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My Story

Anyone who has met me will call me a serial-entrepreneur. They will also tell you that I am compassionate, loyal, focused, and fun. My passion is building things, creating processes, and helping people reach their goals. My journey as a Certified Professional Coach started over 10 years ago, as I, myself, was on a personal and professional path to happiness and fulfillment. 

I grew up just outside of Austin, Texas and come from a family of hard-workers. My love for languages began from growing up in a bilingual household, and now I speak 5 languages. Family (and chosen family) is important to me. I live in the Boston area with my husband, Brian, and our 2 dogs. I frequently return to my home state of Texas for the good times and best food.

My career began at Harvard University, where I studied Government and now serve on the board of the Harvard Latino Alumni Alliance. I continued my studies at Boston University, earning a Master’s in Management. Today, I own and operate 3 businesses. I have explored many industries in my career: finance, education, construction, and wellness. And I look forward to learning about your passions.

I believe in:

  • simplistic planning
  • tangible goals
  • consistency

I want to understand your values and beliefs to guide our journey together.

And remember, coaches need coaching too! Through my relationship with a life coach, I have:

  • Completed 4 marathons
  • Focused my business ventures
  • Eliminated debt

Edward Rocha

Masters in Management, BU

Bachelors of Arts, Harvard

Certified Professional Coach, ICF Accredited Cert

My Appearances

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